Heather Honey

Strong taste

There are several types of heathers in the mountains of our country. These shrubs bloom in the north, during spring/summer, and in the south, in autumn/winter, making it possible to harvest this honey throughout these two periods.
It has a dark reddish colour, getting brownish when crystallized.
It is a very aromatic honey, popping out flavours such as wood, spices and caramel.
With a sweet and strong taste, with notes of caramel, it can be slightly bitter bringing to mind coffee.

For your health

This honey is therapeutically beneficial to treat infections of the urinary tract and of the prostate gland.

Award Winning Honey

The Heather Honey was honored in the National Honey Competition of the National Agricultural Fair 2019 with the award "Gold Medal".

Region of production

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Honey is our passion

The advancement in technology has enabled many honey studies to prove and confirm that honey is an extraordinary and healthy food!


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