The crystallization of honey

The crystallization, or solidification of honey, is a natural process that happens in all types of honey constituting a sign of its purity. This "phenomenon" occurs due to the various types of sugar present in the nectars of different plants. In this way, depending on the types of flowers also varies the time each type of honey leads to crystallize. Crystallization also alters the color of the honey that becomes lighter as it crystallizes.

The crystallized honey is good to be consumed but if you prefer it in the liquid state you can heat it in a water bath for a few minutes without compromising its quality.

Apisland maintains all the natural processes during the packaging and for this reason, after a certain time some honeys will crystallize.

Our honeys and their crystallization time

  • Enough time to crystallize

    Eucalyptus | ThymeWild Lavender | Super honey Kids | Chestnut Honey

  • Intermediate crystallization time

    Wild Flowers | Strawberry Tree | Forest | Heather | Carob

  • Crystallize faster

    Sunflower | Medronheiro | Clover | Rosemary | Orange Blossom


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