Apisland is a company formed in 2006 that started in the export of Portuguese honeys, in bulk, to the rest of the world.

Its name originated in this idea which, translated literally, means "Earth of Bees". And our country is undoubtedly a land of bees, since from time immemorial these intelligent insects pollinate and harvest the nectar of our flora, obtaining several types of honeys of multiple flavors, sweet aromas and varied colors.

Apisland, passionate about this unique product, has quickly become the leading company in the export of Portuguese honeys.

And now, after eight years of growth in making known the honeys of our country to most of the world's companies in this sector, we have taken the expected step of creating our own brands to present directly to all consumers the "Honey from Portugal".

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Our company is headquartered in Aljezur, Algarve.
We send your favorite honey to the world.


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