It was the passion of beekeepers for the bees and the difficulty of passing this unique product to markets that valued its quality, which motivated the formation of Apisland. Through the work of beekeepers, with support, trust and friendship, today we are able to put honey all over the world.

Portuguese beekeepers are the reason for the existence of Apisland!


Where does our honey come from?

The honey we produce originates in several regions of Portugal. We know the nooks and crannies of our country, and we try to cover a diversity of regions with the best harvests. 

Apisland, every day, seeks to refine its quality of production, so that your favorite honey meets your requirements.


We are Apisland

We apply our knowledge and dedication in our work to offer you a honey of very fine quality. So we are happy to receive your contact to share with you this unique product.

Direct Contact

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