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Apisland honeys

We have more than a dozen different types of honey. The properties of each are distinguished by their natural richness.

This honey is obtained from the nectar of the orange tree flowers of Algarve. 

Sunflowers are the summer landscape in the Alentejo fields, where beekeepers take their bees to pollinate and collect the nectar of this flowers. 

Forest honey is essentially a honeydew from the trees and shrubs of the Portuguese Forests. 

It is the most common honey in the world and in our country as well. 

Very typical of the landscape of our country, this tree generates honey of different brown shades. 

Carob Honey is probably the most emblematic tree in the Algarve. It originates a honey of dark color with chocolate aroma.

Typical on the mountains of Alentejo and Algarve, it is a very specific honey due to its bitter taste, reminiscent of coffee. 

This honey is harvested from the nectar of the flowering plants and shrubs which grow more than 600 meters high in the mountains of our country. 

The Wild Lavender plants grows wild throughout the interior of Portugal, making it the most peculiar honey of our country. 

It is harvested in several areas of our coastline. Thyme is a plant with a large percentage of thymol...

There are several types of heathers in the mountains of our country. These shrubs bloom in the north, during spring/summer...

It’s a selection of the sweetest honeys of Portugal that will make the delight of your children, being the best sugar substitute for their health.

The Chestnut trees of the highlands of the North of Portugal give us this special honey. With a wood scent, it has a characteristic taste given by the tree it originates from.

One of the most appreciated honeys in the world, rosemary honey originates from the spontaneous rosemary plants which grow on the mountain ranges in the centre of Portugal. 

This honey comes from the clovers of the lowlands of Alentejo, in the South of Portugal. Its aroma is sweet and delicate, with slight touches of fresh grass.

Honey is our passion

The advancement in technology has enabled many honey studies to prove and confirm that honey is an extraordinary and healthy food!


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