A sua escolha de méis da região Alto Alentejo

Clover Honey

This honey comes from the clovers of the lowlands of Alentejo, in the South of Portugal. Its aroma is sweet and delicate, with slight touches of fresh grass.

Thyme Honey

It is harvested in several areas of our coastline. Thyme is a plant with a large percentage of thymol...

Super honey Kids

It’s a selection of the sweetest honeys of Portugal that will make the delight of your children, being the best sugar substitute for their health.

Wild Lavender Honey

The Wild Lavender plants grows wild throughout the interior of Portugal, making it the most peculiar honey of our country. 

Wild Flowers Honey

It is the most common honey in the world and in our country as well. 

Sunflower Honey

Sunflowers are the summer landscape in the Alentejo fields, where beekeepers take their bees to pollinate and collect the nectar of this flowers. 

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